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An analysis of a stocking rate trial at Chobela, southern Mozambique

Published in: African Journal of Range & Forage Science
Volume 11, issue 2, 1994 , pages: 50–53
DOI: 10.1080/10220119.1994.9638356
Author(s): J.R. Timberlake, Mozambique


An analysis is presented of data from a stocking rate trial carried out in 1962–1963 at Chobela Livestock Station in southern Mozambique. The data set had limitations but an attempt was made to draw any conclusions possible for management. Data from the trial showed optimum gains per hectare at 0.64 head ha‐1 (approximately 1.8 ha LSU‐1) in years of below‐average rainfall, and an annual livemass gain of 146 kg head‐1 at a stocking rate of 0.33 head ha‐1 (approximately 4.2 ha LSLT‐1). Potential livestock carrying capacity was determined using a model developed in Mozambique, and the calculated value of 4.3 ha LSLT‐1 for a similar livemass gain was close to that determined from the trial data.

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