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Factors affecting in sacco dietary degradation by Ankole cattle grazing natural range pastures in Uganda


The in sacco disappearance of dietary dry matter after 48h of incubation in the rumen (DMd) was examined for its relationship with seasonal changes in neutral detergent fibre (NDFd), crude protein (CPd), cellulose (CELL), hemicellulose (HCELL), acid detergent lignin (ADLd) and water solubility (Sd); and with grazing time (Gt), live-weight (LW) and free water intake (Wi) of ten milking Ankole cows. Degradation was highly correlated (P = 0.05) with solubility (r = 0.83) and grazing time (r = −0.80), followed by dietary crude protein (r = 0.56), neutral detergent fibre (r = −0.55), cellulose (r = −0.55) and lignin (r = 0.52), but less so with hemicellulose (r = 0.45).

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