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Bush control in grassland by aerial spraying


The results are reported of three trials in which chemicals were applied from an aircraft to control bush on severely infested natural grassland in Moçambique. Acacia nilotica, A. borleae and Dichrostachys cinerea were killed by a mixture of 2,4‐D and 2,4,5‐T at 1,8 kg/ha, by 2,4,5‐T alone at 1,8 kg/ha and by silvex at 0,5 kg/ha. Scholia brachypetala was killed by the last two treatments. Picloram formulations (Tordon 101, 155 and 225) were effective against all these species and also against A. Senegal, but they are too expensive for use on beef farms. A large number of bush species were resistant to the treatments, which can therefore be used only in areas where susceptible species are prevalent.

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