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Forage selection by blesbok (damaliscus dorcas phillipsi) as determined by point methods

DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1969.9648601
Author(s): S.S. Du PlessisDivision of Nature Conservation, Transvaal Provincial Administration,


The grazing behaviour and forage preferences of blesbok on the Van Riebeek Nature Reserve near Pretoria are described. Species composition of the grass component of this grassland vegetation as well as its utilization by blesbok were determined by means of point surveys. Blesbok feed exclusively on grasses and show preferences for certain species. Their preferences on burned range differ from those on unburned range. Judging by preference ratings, Themeda triandra and Eragrostis curvula are the most important food plants of blesbok in this Reserve. Rotational burning appears to be essential in the management of blesbok herds kept under such conditions.

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