Original Articles

The delineation of plant communities in relatively homogenous grassland

DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1968.9648560
Author(s): P. M. MillerDepartment of Pasture Science,, P. de V. BooysenDepartment of Pasture Science,


A relatively homogenous area of grassland was sampled by means of 2204 systematically place ½m2 quadrats for the presence or absence of all vascular plants this data was processed by the method of normal association analysis which provided an hierarchical subdivision of the vegetation. This subdivision was considered to be too fragmentary. More meaningful vegetation units were thus obtained by terminating subdivision at a higher level, resulting in a reasonable accurate delineation of the plant communities. The method, with adaptations in field technique suited to the particular vegetation under investigation, is considered a valuable technique in ecological study.

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