Original Articles

Pasture quality and its relation to utilization

DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1967.9648550
Author(s): B. R. RobertsDepartment of Pasture Science,


The paper evaluates those functions of the grazing‐animal/pasture complex which are influenced by management. The contribution of pasturage to animal production is determined primarily by environment and secondarily by defoliation. In pasture quality evaluation, those approaches which employ both digestibility and intake as basic criteria are generally closely related to animal response. In equating grassland production with animal requirements the determinants of output per animal and output per area must be considered in the perspective of the production system as a whole. The essential influence of grazing method on carrying capacity is stressed and it is suggested that grazing management of natural pasture be based on (i) a knowledge of the contribution of individual species to animal production, (ii) defoliation practice which encourages the most nutritious species and (iii) the introduction of improved pasture species.

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