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Welcome to the phenomenological tradition!

Published in: South African Journal of Philosophy
Volume 32, issue 4, 2013 , pages: 395–399
DOI: 10.1080/02580136.2013.867395
Author(s): Lester Embree>Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, USA


This essay was written on the basis of what I call a ‘happy misunderstanding’, which is already conspicuous in the first paragraph below. Most misunderstandings have negative consequences. But in this case I was delighted to learn that I was mistaken in believing that phenomenology was just getting going in South Africa, when actually there have been phenomenologists there since before World War II! Why I and my colleagues editing the Encyclopedia of Phenomenology were ignorant of this and failed to include an entry on South Africa I am not yet able to explain, but I was at least able to apologise for this omission at the recent meeting. Beyond the first- class quality of the presentations that I heard, the colleagues on the program were typically younger than I have seen in meetings of other groups recently and also a higher proportion were women, both factors auguring well for the future. I have not tried to hide my misunderstanding in the following essay and do hope to see two delegates at the meeting of the Organization of Phenomenological Organizations in Australia next year.

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