Review Paper

Impacts of Afforestation with Pines on Assemblages of Native Biota in South Africa

Published in: South African Forestry Journal
Volume 175, issue 1, 1996 , pages: 35–42
DOI: 10.1080/00382167.1996.9629891
Author(s): A.J. ArmstrongDepartment of Nature Conservation, South Africa, H.J. van HensbergenDepartment of Nature Conservation, South Africa


An overview of the impacts of pine afforestation on indigenous biota in South Africa is presented. Changes in the soil, hydrology. habitat structure, micro-environment, food resources and ecological processes of the afforested area occur. These changes influence native organisms and biotic assemblages in various ways. Generally, species richness and numbers of plants and animals indigenous to the native habitat are reduced in plantations. Species may be eliminated from the planted areas.

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