Scientific Paper

Plant Nematodes in the Bergplaas Plantation, Western Cape Province with a Description of a New Criconema Species and Notes on Two Known Species of Criconematidae

Published in: South African Forestry Journal
Volume 177, issue 1, 1996 , pages: 1–6
DOI: 10.1080/00382167.1996.9629713
Author(s): Mariette MaraisNational Collection of Nematodes, Biosystematics Division,, Esther van den BergNational Collection of Nematodes, Biosystematics Division,


During a survey of plant-parasitic nematodes in the Bergplaas Plantation, Western Cape Province, one Acacia melanoxylon compartment, seven Pinus compartments and twenty-two pockets of indigenous forest and virgin veld were sampled. Criconema, Rotylenchus and Scutellonema species were found at most of the localities whereas Helicotylenchus, Hemicycliophora, Meloidogyne, Ogma, Paralongidorus, Paratylenchus, Rotylenchulus, Trichodorus and Xiphinema species were found at fewer localities. The genera Criconemella, Meloinema, Mesocriconema, Paratrichodorus and Pratylenchus were found at single localities only. Criconema simplex sp. n., collected around natural vegetation is described. The females are characterised by 54 to 59 smooth, retrorse body annuli; the first annulus with a smaller diameter than the second annulus and sometimes with one or two lateral clefts, no submedian lobes or labial plates, a rounded tail tip, a straight vagina and a 39 to 44 μm-long stylet. Hemicycliophora nullinca Van den Berg, 1987, and Mesocriconema neli Van den Berg, 1984, are briefly discussed.

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