Scientific paper

Foliicolous Fungi of Eucalyptus spp. from Eastern Madagascar: Implications for South Africa

Published in: South African Forestry Journal
Volume 172, issue 1, 1995 , pages: 1–5
DOI: 10.1080/00382167.1995.9629859
Author(s): PedroW. CrousDepartment of Plant Pathology,, WijnandJ. SwartDepartment of Plant Pathology,


A collection of Eucalyptus leaves from Madagascar revealed several foliicolous fungi to be present, most being new records for the country. Known foliar pathogens such as Aulographina eucalypti, Cylindrocladium quinqueseptatum, Kirramyces epicoccoides, Pseudocercospora eucalyptorum, Harknessia hawaiiensis and Mycosphaerella heimii were found associated with leaf spots. Codinea eucalypti, C. septata, Arnaudiella eucalyptorum, Mycotribulus mirabilis, Clypeophysalosporalatitans, Glomerella cingulata, Cylindrocladium candelabrum and Propolis emarginata were isolated from Eucalyptus leaf litter. Previous studies have shown all these fungi to be present in South Africa, except C. quinqueseptatum, which is not known from Africa, and M. heimii which is known only from Madagascar. M. heimii is distinguished from similar Mycosphaerella spp. occurring on Eucalyptus leaves by its symptom expression, ascospore morphology and cultural characteristics. A Latin diagnosis is provided for M. heimii to validate the name, and its anamorph described as Pseudocercospora heimii sp. nov.

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