The metamorphoses in the exposition of certain isiXhosa words

Research Article

The metamorphoses in the exposition of certain isiXhosa words

DOI: 10.2989/16073614.2023.2188233
Author(s): Mlamli Diko University of South Africa (UNISA), , Anelisa Thengimfene South African National Tutor Services (SANTS) Private Higher Institution,


This article employed a historical and political theory to argue for the metamorphoses in the exposition of randomly selected isiXhosa words for the very reason that some semantic meanings in the isiXhosa domain have undergone an evolution. Qualitative research methodology and the two theories operate in a relationship to underline the historical meanings of certain isiXhosa words, and how political forces influenced their evolution. During the discourse, it becomes evident that semantic shift in the isiXhosa language occurs for various reasons other than political factors and through different processes. The final argument suggests that there is a gap in the paradigm of isiXhosa linguistics. Such a task is facing isiXhosa linguists and ought to be contested.

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