Scientific paper

Pulping Characteristics of Eucalyptus Provenance Trials Grown in the Western Cape

Published in: South African Forestry Journal
Volume 170, issue 1, 1994 , pages: 1–5
DOI: 10.1080/00382167.1994.9629667
Author(s): W.J. van WykDepartment of Wood Science,, G., F.R. GerischerDepartment of Wood Science,


For the purpose of Part I of this investigation, eight eucalypt species (irrespective of provenance), 12 years of age and grown along the northern slope of Stellenbosch mountain in the Western Cape were chipped, screened and pulped using the Kraft process. The pulps so obtained were compared with E. grandis pulp, cooked under similar conditions, since E. grandis pulp is known to be excellent papermaking fibre. The pulp evaluations revealed excellent strength development during beating in the case of the E. globulus, E. dunnii and E. nitens. These species also produced high screened yields with low percentages of rejects as well as acceptable strength values for burst, tear, and breaking length at a wetness of 38° SR and compared well with corresponding values obtained for E. grandis. In Part II (to follow) data on Kraft pulping characteristics as well as pulp strength properties of E. dunnii (three provenances), E. globulus (three provenances) and E. nitens (10 provenances) will be presented and comparisons will be made between provenances within the same species.

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