Research Article

Exploring the perception of Nigerians towards nuclear power generation


To decarbonize the Nigerian power sector and ensure a reliable electricity supply, nuclear power will play a key role. However, public acceptance must be considered for the successful introduction of nuclear power. This study examines the perceptions of Nigerians towards nuclear power generation and its opportunity as a viable source of power in Nigeria. The study adopts a quantitative method through surveys, using simple random sampling by administering questionnaires of structured close-ended questions to 10,001 respondents via social networking services and hand-delivered questionnaires. However, the response rate was only 71%. The data were analyzed using Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation to measure the relationship between the various perceptions of nuclear power as a viable solution to the electricity problems in Nigeria using the statistical analysis software, Statistical Product and Service Solutions Statistics (IBM SPSS). The Cronbach’s alpha value of 0.821 of the items (questions) illustrates the acceptable internal consistency of the study and shows that it has reliability and validity on a five-point Likert scale. The study shows that over 56% of the respondents support the use of nuclear power generation as a viable option for electricity supply in Nigeria. Furthermore, it is recommended as a boost to the Nigerian economy, safety, security, and environmental sustainability, therefore, indicating positive perceptions towards building a nuclear power plant in Nigeria.

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