Research Article

Women’s self-help groups and asset accumulation in peri-urban Wa, Ghana


Women’s self-help groups (SHGs) play an essential role in the fight against poverty. Despite this, studies on the impact of SHGs on women’s asset accumulation and incomes tend to focus on rural and urban areas, with peri-urban areas receiving little attention. Consequently, to help fill this gap, using the after-only study design, this study investigates the contribution of SHGs to asset accumulation in Wa’s peri-urban areas. A questionnaire and an observation guide were used to collect data from 199 SHG members. Thematic analysis was used to analyze qualitative data, while descriptive statistics, parametric and non-parametric methods were used to analyze quantitative data. Members were given loans, according to the study, but the repayment schedule was unfavourable. After joining SHGs, both productive and non-productive assets were acquired. Furthermore, those who took out loans and invested in income-generating ventures saw an increase in their earnings. In general, SHGs contributed to asset acquisition and income. SHG members should invest in productive assets to increase their incomes, according to the policy recommendation of this study. This study is unique because it focuses on SHGs in peri-urban areas, deviating from the norm by arguing that SHGs contribute to asset accumulation in those areas, thereby empowering members.

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