Research Article

Factors that influence Africa’s refusal and discontinuation of mobile applications use


The development, adoption, and use of mobile applications (mobile apps) in Africa are growing rapidly. Some of these mobile apps have gained widespread acceptance, while others have not due to discontinued use and absolute rejection. This study aims to investigate and identify the factors influencing mobile app discontinuation and rejection in Africa. Through a survey, respondents’ perceptions were collected from five selected countries representing the five geographic locations in Africa. Of the 2300 questionnaires distributed, a total of 1285 was returned, giving a response rate of 55.87%. The results revealed that the discontinuation of use and total rejection of mobile apps by the African social system are significantly affected by specific factors, including unsatisfactory performance, lack of support, size of mobile app and expensive to use. The findings of this research will be of interest to all stakeholders involved in the African mobile app ecosystem.

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