Research Article

Adoption of organic fertilizer for cocoa production in Ghana: Perceptions and determinants


This study assesses perceptions, determinants, and constraints of ‘Asaasenufosuo’ organic fertilizer adoption by cocoa farmers in Ghana. Primary data were sourced from 200 cocoa farmers. Perception index, Cragg’s double hurdle model, and Kendall’s coefficient of concordance were employed. In addition to a high level of awareness among farmers, there is a general positive perception about ‘Asaasenufosuo’ organic fertilizer for cocoa production. However, less than half of the cocoa farmers had adopted ‘Asaasenufosuo’ organic fertilizer. Education, experience, farm size, income, secondary occupation, distance to agro-input shop, and extension contact are the factors that determine the incidence of adoption of organic fertilizer for cocoa production. However, intensity of adoption was found to be influenced by farmer location, nativity, income, source of information, and group membership. The major constraints to using ‘Asaasenufosuo’ organic fertilizer were found to include slow release of nutrients into the soil, high transportation cost, emission of offensive odour, high cost of product, and limited availability. To improve the uptake of organic fertilizers in cocoa production, manufacturers should take steps to reduce the offensive odour of the product. Also, sellers of the product should make it readily available to farmers by expanding the distribution network into cocoa growing communities.

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