Research Article

Determinants of participation in livestock development programmes: Evidence from South Africa’s Kaonafatso ya Dikgomo (KyD) Scheme


The objective of the study was to determine factors influencing participation decisions in the Agricultural Research Council’s Kaonafatso ya Dikgomo (KyD) Scheme in South Africa. A cross-sectional survey was used to collect data on socio-economic and institutional factors, as well as KyD Scheme participation decisions. The sample comprised 164 KyD Scheme participants and 81 non-participants from KwaZulu-Natal, and the Eastern Cape and Limpopo provinces. Data were analyzed utilizing probit, tobit and ordered probit models. Results showed that various socio-economic and institutional factors significantly determined decisions to participate, extent of participation and continuation of Scheme practices. Specifically, expenditure on stock feed and frequency of extension visits were the major significant factors impacting all decisions on participation, extent of participation and willingness to practise experiences learnt from being part of the KyD Scheme. The study recommends that participation in the Scheme and the extent of participation can be enhanced through increasing awareness of the Scheme at various points where stock feeds are available to farmers. Furthermore, enhanced cooperation with extension workers will provide a conduit for improving awareness of the Scheme and enhance participation.

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