Research Article

Popular culture influences on national image and tourism behavioural intention: An exploratory study

Published in: Journal of Psychology in Africa
Volume 31, issue 4, 2021 , pages: 390–399
DOI: 10.1080/14330237.2021.1952717
Author(s): Joon-ho Kim, Republic of Korea, Myung-hun Jung, Republic of Korea, Hyun-ju Choi, Republic of Korea


This study aimed to examine the relationships between popular culture (success factors of K-pop) and international tourist behavioural intention, and the role of national image in that relationship. We analysed an existing data base on popular culture success attributes of producers, casting, training, producing/promotion, social media, and content, and Korean national image. Valid responses were collected from 1 247 survey respondents from the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, the UK, France, USA, Canada, and South Africa (female = 50.4%). Regression analysis and Structural Equation Modelling results indicated that K-pop factors of producers, casting, producing/promotion, social media, and content predicted tourist behavioural intentions. National image perceptions augmented the influence of K-pop factors on tourist behavioural intentions. We conclude that popular culture (success factors of K-pop) improves national image, which is an important precondition for tourism.

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