Research Article

Tourism resources and carrying capacity of scenic tourism areas based on forest ecological environment


The development of society promotes the development of forest scenic tourism areas. In order to further realise the scientific and rational development of forest scenic tourism areas, it is necessary to analyse their tourism resources and carrying capacity. This paper starts with a brief analysis of the calculation method of tourism carrying capacity of scenic tourist areas based on the forest ecological environment. Then, taking scenic area A as an example, the tourism resources are studied and the carrying capacity of tourism is calculated. The results show that the annual carrying capacity of scenic area A is approximately 850 000 people, while the current annual tourist number is approximately 50 000. It indicates that scenic area A is in a state of low load at present, and further development is needed. Some suggestions are put forward for the construction of scenic area A. This study shows that the analysis of tourism resources and carrying capacity is conducive to providing guidance for the development of forest scenery tourist areas and sustainable development of tourist areas.

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