Rethinking the metaphysical questions of mind, matter, freedom, determinism, purpose and the mind-body problem within the panpsychist framework of consolationism

Published in: South African Journal of Philosophy
Volume 38, issue 1, 2019 , pages: 1–16
DOI: 10.1080/02580136.2018.1560589
Author(s): Ada AgadaThe Conversational School of Philosophy, Nigeria


Consolationism is an emergent intellectual current in 21st century African philosophy that presents itself as an alternative constructive framework for metaphysics, with an epistemic foundation in the African thought-world and being universally applicable. In this paper, I trace the influences of consolationism within African philosophy, and argue that this original philosophical system is the product of the African complementary perspective of the universe understood as an interconnected whole of diverse entities. I submit that the doctrine of mood which lies at the heart of the consolationist system introduces new concepts into African metaphysics and recasts the question of being. I show how the consolationist perspective sheds light on the persistent mind-body problem and establishes consciousness as a necessary feature of the universe. Deploying the method of exposition and analysis, I assert that the panpsychist framework of consolationism facilitates a novel way of conceptualising such metaphysical questions as mind, matter, the mind-body problem, purpose, freedom, and determinism.

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