Research Article

Status of globally threatened birds of Sapo National Park, Liberia

Published in: Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology
Volume 90, issue 1, 2019 , pages: 19–24
DOI: 10.2989/00306525.2018.1502694
Author(s): Benedictus FreemanBiodiversity Institute, University of Kansas, USA, Filibus Danjuma DamiAP Leventis Ornithological Research Institute, University of Jos, Nigeria, Mary Molokwu-OdoziFauna & Flora International, Liberia


Sapo National Park was the first established and is the largest national park in Liberia and contains the secondlargest area of primary tropical rainforest in West Africa. However, little is known about the distribution, population density, and ecology of threatened birds occurring in the park. In this study, we assessed the population status and distribution of birds of global conservation concern occurring in the park. Between April and June 2014, we surveyed 17 line transects of 2 km each in and around Sapo National Park, using Distance Sampling. We recorded eight of the 13 globally threatened birds in Liberia, including Gola Malimbe Malimbus ballmanni (Endangered), Timneh Parrot Psittacus timneh (Endangered) and Yellow-bearded Greenbul Criniger olivaceus (Vulnerable). The results of this study provide the first baseline information on the status of these species in the park and also show the importance of Sapo National Park in the conservation of not only birds but also biodiversity in general in Liberia and West Africa.

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