Scientific paper

Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in Forest Soils in the Transvaal and Natal, South Africa

Published in: South African Forestry Journal
Volume 166, issue 1, 1993 , pages: 9–16
DOI: 10.1080/00382167.1993.9629394
Author(s): Mariette MaraisNational Collection of Nematodes, Biosystematics Division,, NaomiH. BuckleyNational Collection of Nematodes, Biosystematics Division,


During a survey of plant-parasitic nematodes in forest soils between June 1989 and April 1991,164 soil samples were collected from forestry areas in the Transvaal and Natal. Acacia mearnsii plantations, species of Pinus and Eucalyptus, indigenous forests and virgin veld were included in the survey. Representatives of the genera Xiphinema, Helicotylenchus and Scutellonema were found in the greatest number of samples whereas the genera Criconema, Mesocriconema, Rotylenchus, Hemicycliophora, Meloidogyne, Hemicriconemoides, Ogma, Paratrichodorus, Discocriconemella, Rotylenchulus, Pratylenchus, Criconemella, Criconemoides, Longidorus, Paralongidorus, Trichodorus and Tylenchorhynchus were found at fewer localities. The genera Afenestrata, Histotylenchus and Hoplolaimus were identified at only one locality each.

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