End of an era for African Herpetology—An obituary for a remarkable man: Donald George Broadley (29 May 1932 – 10 March 2016)

DOI: 10.1080/21564574.2018.1437085
Author(s): Michael F. BatesDepartment of Herpetology, South Africa, William R. BranchDepartment of Herpetology, South Africa


English-born Donald George Broadley spent most of his adult life working as a herpetologist at two museums in Zimbabwe. His many taxonomic reviews and other publications made him one of the most respected experts on African reptiles and amphibians worldwide. Don passed away at home in Bulawayo on 10 March 2016. This obituary summarises, emphasises and honours his many achievements as a herpetologist, and notes the many honours bestowed on him by the scientific community. His numerous collecting expeditions to south-central and eastern Africa resulted in the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe (Bulawayo) having the second largest collection (more than 52 000 specimens) of reptiles and amphibians in Africa. Included is a brief history of his involvement with the Herpetological Association of Africa, of which he was a founder member. The authors mention a few personal recollections of their associations and collaborations with him since the 1970s.

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