Inventive activity and knowledge flows in the Mediterranean area: A social network analysis based investigation approach

DOI: 10.1080/20421338.2017.1396651
Author(s): Massimiliano FerraraMediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, Italy, Roberto MaviliaUniversity for Foreigners ‘Dante Alighieri’, MEDAlics, Via del Torrione 95, Italy, Francesca LarosaUniversity for Foreigners ‘Dante Alighieri’, MEDAlics, Via del Torrione 95, Italy


This paper investigates the collaboration of inventive activities at firm level in the Mediterranean area by investigating, through social network analysis, the collaboration between the two shores of Mediterranean area. Using patent data, our aim is to capture some relevant features of inventive activities in the Mediterranean region. Moreover, thanks to a social network analysis based approach, we investigate the collaboration at firm level in inventive activities. Results lead to important policy insights. In the recent years, many attempts to develop and implement innovation, science and technology policies have been made by the Mediterranean countries, especially on the African continent. Our results can help in highliting the efficacy of such policies. Particularly, our findings can promote policies for innovation and improve research collaboration among OECD inventors.

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