Modelling machinery procurement with an emphasis on engineering features

DOI: 10.1080/20421338.2017.1358916
Author(s): Basil Olufemi AkinnuliDepartment of Industrial and Production Engineering, Nigeria


Engineering features are one of the predominant factors in considering machines for procurement; others are economic and supply conditions. Three major attributes considered under these strategic decisions are engineering features (reliability), economic features (annual operating cost) and supply condition (delivery date). This is an extension of previous work that focused on the economic factor as the predominant factor. There are benchmarks set for the three strategic decisions for selecting the best equipment or machinery supplier from available alternatives. Because of the multi-objective nature of this problem, there is a need for a surrogate model. A heuristic model was used because of its simplicity and the results were validated using a goal-programming model as the decision tools. This model finds acceptability when procuring equipment/machinery that requires a high level of reliability, and the economic feature as well as supply conditions should be within acceptable limits, such as machine tools, aircraft, industrial machinery, etc.

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