Preoperative predictors of thrombocytopenia in Caesarean delivery: is routine platelet count testing necessary?

DOI: 10.1080/22201181.2017.1397877
Author(s): Lulama NkomentabaNelson R. Mandela School of Medicine, Discipline of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, South Africa, David G BishopPerioperative Research Group, Department of Anaesthetics, South Africa, Reitze N RodsethPerioperative Research Group, Department of Anaesthetics, South Africa


Background: Peri-partum thrombocytopenia significantly impacts anaesthetic technique and increases the risk of perioperative bleeding. However, as less than 5% of normal pregnancies have significant thrombocytopenia, routine platelet testing incurs great cost for a relatively low yield. Determining whether clinical predictors, in particular HIV status, are associated with thrombocytopenia may assist clinicians in rationalising preoperative testing.

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