Appraisal of geothermal resources and use in Cameroon

DOI: 10.1080/20421338.2017.1355432
Author(s): Janvier Domra KanaDepartment of Petroleum and Gas Exploration, Cameroon, Noël DjongyangDepartment of Renewable Energy, Cameroon, Danwé RaïdandiDepartment of Materials Processing, Architecture and Habitat, Cameroon, Brandan Tito RamadhanGeophysics Laboratory, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Indonesia


This paper deals with resources and opportunities of direct and indirect use of geothermal energy in Cameroon. Currently, no serious exploration and utilization of this resource exists. The primary form of utilization of geothermal energy is mainly condensation steam for drinkable water. Despite the availability and enormous potential in direct use applications, no use has been made of low enthalpy fluids. Several geothermal sites were identified using thermal methods. The results obtained from the geothermal gradient of Cameroon revealed the presence of temperatures able to produce electricity in the hottest spring of Woulndé (600°C). Other applications of geothermal energy in Cameroon are also discussed.

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