Education without borders: Internationalisation of the tourism business curriculum in the central Baltic area

Published in: Research in Hospitality Management
Volume 7, issue 1, 2017 , pages: 45–49
DOI: 10.1080/22243534.2017.1355461
Author(s): Sanna-Mari RenforsTourism Business Research Group, Faculty of Service Business, Finland


In the case of tourism, it is important to consider the geographical location of the destination and its part in a larger entity. In the Baltic Sea area, destination products covering the highlights of the seashore have growing importance and the area is increasingly seen as a coherent tourism destination. Thus, tourism education without borders should also be promoted in the area. This paper focuses on internationalisation of a tourism business curriculum in higher professional education in three Baltic Sea states: Finland, Estonia and Latvia. The aim of this paper is to describe the development of a joint curriculum and a study programme delivered online. The curriculum and the programme support regional development by aligning and providing skills needed for the area to grow as a common tourism destination.

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