Mixed-method approaches to studying innovation networks in developing countries

DOI: 10.1080/20421338.2017.1322798
Author(s): Christian OmobhudeInstitute of Management of Technology, Taiwan, Shih-Hsin ChenInstitute of Management of Technology, Taiwan


Existing literature maintains that innovation networks would enhance the development of firms and industry. However, what remains less clear is the methodologies applied in each context and what sort of barriers occur during data collection. Through reviewing the methodologies adopted in previous studies on innovation networks, this paper analyzes existing literature studies on innovation networks in both developing and developed countries. The findings suggest the methodological gap centres on the reliance of a single method adopted by developing countries which differs from developed countries adopting mixed-method approaches. This is because of difficulty in data accessibility, the absence of data or data reliability concerns in some cases in developing countries. This paper contributes to the literature by identifying and subsequently proffering ways that are relevant in enhancing research on innovation networks from a methodological perspective. This paper therefore suggests applying a mixed-method approach that combines different approaches to study innovation networks to maximize data validity and reliability.

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