A review of the genus Homopholis Boulenger (Reptilia: Squamata: Gekkonidae) in southern Africa

Published in: African Journal of Herpetology
Volume 63, issue 2, 2014 , pages: 109–126
DOI: 10.1080/21564574.2014.930071
Author(s): Donald G. BroadleyNatural History Museum of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Todd R. JackmanDepartment of Biology, USA, Aaron M. BauerDepartment of Biology, USA


On the basis of molecular data, the gekkonid lizard Homopholis arnoldi Loveridge is revived as a full species. Morphologically it is usually distinguishable from H. wahlbergii on the basis of its striped dorsal colour pattern. Homopholis arnoldi has a wide distribution from south-eastern Botswana through Zimbabwe to central Mozambique, and the southern margin of its range covers the western and northern parts of Limpopo Province, South Africa north of the Soutpansberg (where it is at least parapatric, and possibly sympatric with both H. wahlbergii and H. mulleri), extending east to the Mozambique coast north of the Limpopo. A key is provided for the four currently recognised species of Homopholis and a neotype from KwaZulu-Natal is designated for H. wahlbergii, helping to stabilise the use of this name in light of the resurrection of H. arnoldi.

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