A criminogenic profile of a sample of South African high school learners


This study investigated the prevalence of criminogenic risk factors among South African high school learners. A sample of 312 high school learners attending a secondary (high) school in the Gauteng province of South Africa were surveyed (55.3% = female). They completed the Measures of Criminal Activities and Attitudes scale (MCAA). The data on their endorsement of criminogenic risk factors were descriptively analysed. The results indicate that significant numbers of the respective subscales were elevated; violence 51%, entitlement 61%, antisocial intent 56% and antisocial associates 45%. Medium to strong correlations between the antisocial intent and antisocial associates constructs were observed. The antisocial intent and entitlement constructs measured a medium strength linear relationship with violence. The MCAA appears to be a suitable and reliable instrument for the identification of young persons at risk of future offending behaviour in the South African setting.

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