Determining suitable pedagogical approaches to the application of voce chiusa and the zygomatic arch

Published in: Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa
Volume 13, issue 1-2, 2016 , pages: 79–93
DOI: 10.2989/18121004.2016.1263915
Author(s): Melindie PretoriusMASARA Research Entity, South Africa


The purpose of this pilot action research study was to document the process of choosing a suitable pedagogical approach that best fits a participant. Three pedagogical approaches as described by Ware were chosen: mechanistic, holistic and eclectic (a combination of mechanistic and holistic). Results indicated that each participant had a different preference for a teaching approach; however, there was a tendency among the participant towards preferring a combined teaching approach. Participants were not consistently fixed in their preference for a certain approach. The researcher had to be adaptable to the learning preference, mood and personality of each participant.

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