Minimising instability on manufacturing systems after random disruption

DOI: 10.1080/20421338.2016.1147198
Author(s): John M. IkomeDepartment of Industrial Engineering, South Africa, Sesan P. AyodejiDepartment of Industrial Engineering, South Africa, Grace M. KanakanaDepartment of Industrial Engineering, South Africa


One of the major issues in manufacturing systems is to determine how to deal effectively with unexpected disruption during production operation, (e.g. material unavailability, machine breakdown, employee absenteeism, power failure and additional resources, etc.). This paper presents a comprehensive literature review which shows that existing methods and tools offer very few concepts that are sufficient to handle a variety of random disruptions in manufacturing industries. A scheduling model was developed, and random sampling and simulation runs were done to minimise instability of the production system after random disruption. The results indicate that the degree of failure in the production line fluctuates and additional resources are required in order to meet up with planned demand.

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