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Genetic Variation in Some Growth and Wood Properties among 18 Full-sib Families of South African Grown Eucalyptus grandis: A Preliminary Investigation

Published in: South African Forestry Journal
Volume 146, issue 1, 1988 , pages: 38–43
DOI: 10.1080/00382167.1988.9630357
Author(s): F.S. MalanDepartment of Wood Science,


Estimates of the genetic parameters for a number of tree and wood properties were obtained using 18 controlled pollinated families selected for rapid growth from a 9-year-old progeny trial consisting of 71 controlled pollinated families and one commercial control. Significant family variation was found for diameter at breast height, total tree height, spirality, basic density, percentage fibre tissue, percentage ray tissue, percentage vessel tissue, vessel frequency and fibre length. The respective estimates for broad-sense heritabilities were 0,30; 0,45; 0,61; 0,45 (0,54); 0,30; 0,25; 0,14; 0,31 and 0,54. This indicates that significant genetic gains should be possible through selection and vegetative propagation.

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