The Structure of the Testis of the Mullet, Liza Dumerili (Teleostei; Mugilidae) With Special Reference to Spermatogenesis

Published in: Zoologica Africana
Volume 13, issue 2, 1978 , pages: 233–243
DOI: 10.1080/00445096.1978.11447625
Author(s): G. Van Der HorstDepartment of Zoology,


The macro-morphology and the histology of the testis of Liza dumerili are described with special reference to the various types of spermatogenic cells. L, dumerili possesses typical teleost testes. The only peculiarity is the conspicuous main sperm duct, which runs on the surface (medio-ventral) along the entire length of each testis. Testicular lobules contain cysts in which highly synchronized spermatogenesis takes place. Three generations of spermatogonia are evident, although further subdivisions are possible. Four types of primary spermatocytes are recognized. Typical interlobular Leydig cells appear in close association with small blood vessels. “Lobule-boundary cells” seem to be present but were only evident in I µm Epon sections.

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