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Evaluation and identification of old and new macadamia cultivars and selections at Pietermaritzburg

Published in: South African Journal of Plant and Soil
Volume 24, issue 2, 2007 , pages: 124–129
DOI: 10.1080/02571862.2007.10634793
Author(s): P. AllanHorticultural Science, South Africa


Newer and older cultivars and selections of macadamias have been evaluated at Pietermaritzburg over periods of from five to 35 years. In their sixth year, trees of some of the newer selections have produced good yields of over 10 kg per tree, which is as good as the precocious Beaumont (695) cultivar. Older trees have shown alternation of bearing with low averages, over the past three seasons', of 10 to 20 kg per tree on the marginal soils with close spacing. Kernel quality (kernel percent and % No.1 kernel) is generally better in the newer than the older selections. Selections ‘783’, ‘842’, ‘887’, and ‘Daddow’ have given best overall quality with hybrids ‘A 4’ and ‘A 16’ giving excellent quality but of very large kernels. All selections should produce better quality under warmer subtropical conditions. Tables of morphological characteristics of typical leaves and fruits are presented which enables the identification of the different selections available in South Africa.

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