Comparative in Vitro activity of Generic Injectable Cephalosporins

DOI: 10.1080/10158782.2005.11441241
Author(s): L B LiebowitaDepartment of Medical Microbiology, Tygeberg Hospital, University of Stellenbosch,, M SlabbertDepartment of Medical Microbiology, Tygeberg Hospital, University of Stellenbosch,


The in vitro activity of the generic farms of cefotaxime, ceftriaxone, cefuroxime, cefazolin and cefoxitin, supplied by South African pharmaceutical company Aspen Pharmttcare, was compared with thm of Rocephin, Zinttcef, Kefzai end Mefmin, Minimum inhibitory etfHCmtrutitfns (MICs) were determined using a mkratitre broth dilution technique, according ta CtSI recomwmdationa. The in vitro of the Aspen Pharmacare generic agents was found to ix comparable to that of the originator drugs. The MICs of each generic agent were within two doubling dilutions of the originator drug, respectively.

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