Original Article

Future directions for international education and research on hospitality

Published in:
Volume 5, issue 1, 2015 , pages: 77–84
DOI: 10.2989/RHM.2015.
Author(s): Sjoerd GehrelsInnovations in Hospitality, Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


This paper presents considerations about future directions for international education and research in the field of hospitality management. The ideas are presented to provide a closer connection for the hospitality industry on an intellectual basis for doing joint research. Furthermore, the role of students and working with them on partnership basis in research is discussed. To illustrate the ideas, two examples are given of recent research projects in the field of employment branding. One of the project examples reports on joint research dissemination efforts between industry and education, while the other project is an example of research co-creation by student and supervisor. The aim of this paper is to stimulate further debate on the themes raised.

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