Operational deployment of technology

Deployment strategies to maximise value recovery from tree improvement: The experience of two South African companies

Published in: The Southern African Forestry Journal
Volume 195, issue 1, 2002 , pages: 011–022
DOI: 10.1080/20702620.2002.10434599
Author(s): ArleneD. Bayley, South Africa, Flic BlakewayTechnical Department, Mondi Forests, South Africa


Current strategies for deployment of improved material from the tree breeding programmes of two South Mrican forestry companies are reviewed for all commercial species, including both hardwoods and softwoods. How high site variability and propagation constraints restrict this are examined and illustrated with examples. The multiplication techniques are viewed not just as a means of amplifying improved material, but also from a plant quality perspective and the effect this can have on the establishment of the crop. Lastly, two important questions are posed. Is enough known about the sexual reproduction of the commercial species in South Mrican forestry? What developments in vegetative propagation techniques are necessary to allow the exploitation of the gains being offered from advanced generation breeding in the tree improvement programmes within the two companies?

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