Paper prepared for presentation to IUFRO Symposium and Workshop on Genetic Improvement and Productivity of Fast-growing Tree Species, Brazil, 1980.

Inbreeding Effects in Eucalyptus grandis in Relation to Degree of Relatedness

Published in: South African Forestry Journal
Volume 116, issue 1, 1981 , pages: 60–63
DOI: 10.1080/00382167.1981.9630004
Author(s): G. van WykDepartment of Water Affairs, Forestry and Environmental Conservation,


Introductory remarks refer to the detrimental effects of selfing in E. grandis. How do other types of inbreeding such as the mating of half-sibs or full-sibs compare with out-crossed material? Results from two trials are presented comparing growth performance of selfed, half-sib, full-sib, polymix, open-pollinated and control families with each other. Even though the trees are still young and sample sizes may be too small, it is evident that selfing and full-sib mating are not desirable. The difference between half-sib mating and supposedly out-crossed families is less evident, suggesting that more in-depth study may be required for these comparisons.

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