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Pedogeomorphic aspects of the Roodepoort area, Transvaal: Soil depth-slope relationships

Published in: South African Journal of Plant and Soil
Volume 1, issue 2, 1984 , pages: 61–66
DOI: 10.1080/02571862.1984.10634111
Author(s): M.C. MunnikDepartment of Geography,, E. VersterDepartment of Geography,, T.C. van RooyenDepartment of Geography,


Fifty hillslope profiles with associated soils in the Roodepoort area, Transvaal, were examined to determine the relationships between soil depth and hillslope characteristics. A meso-scale approach was adopted which implied the relationship between three soil depth phases and the hillslope units on a scale of 1:10 000. Although anomalies occur, it was found with the aid of statistical techniques, that a definite trend exists between soil depth and slope gradient. For the less than 8% slope class, soil depth variations could be ascribed to differences in parent rock and position in the landscape, whereas for slopes steeper than 8% slope, gradient apparently becomes the dominant determinant of the shallow soil depth. Because the soil depth-hillslope relationships were sufficiently well established by this study, it enabled the construction of three models to represent the varied conditions of the Roodepoort area.

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