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Veld management in the communal areas of Ciskei

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1991.9648282
Author(s): R.G. ForbesDepartment of Livestock and Pasture Science, Ciskei, W.S.W. TrollopeDepartment of Livestock and Pasture Science, Ciskei


Veld management in Ciskei is based predominantly on a communal land tenure system, and livestock is produced under a ‘Group Ranch’ system. Stocking rates are excessively high and consequently veld degradation is severe, resulting in a lowered carrying capacity and low efficiency indicators such as weaning percentage. Veld rehabilitation programmes during the 1960s resulted in some improvement in veld condition, but also caused bush encroachment and selective grazing. Factors limiting veld rehabilitation are of a political, socio‐economic and technical nature, the most important being overstocking, the land tenure system and incorrect land use. A solution to the continued degradation of the veld depends on the commitment of the government to a development strategy which addresses factors such as freehold tenure, education and the provision of incentive for profitable production.

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