Short communication

The presence of condensed tannin in the leaves of Eulalia villosa

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1991.9648266
Author(s): E.W. du Toit, Republic of South Africa, M.M. Wolfson, Republic of South Africa, R.P. Ellis, Republic of South Africa


The hypothesis that grasses contain tannin deposits in the leaf epidermal cells was tested using the leaf laminas of a southern African sourveld grass, Eulalia villosa (Thunb.) Nees. The leaf material was assayed for total phenols, condensed tannin and biologically‐active tannins. Catechin equivalents of 57.4 and 76.1 mg g−1 dry mass were obtained for total phenols and condensed tannin, respectively. Tannic acid equivalents of 61.1 mg g−1 dry mass was obtained for the biologically‐active tannins. The hypothesis was thus confirmed.

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