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Plant relations in mixtures of Trifolium subterraneum cv. Mt Barker and Lolium multiflorum cv. Midmar: II. Yield advantage as reflected in the Land Equivalent Ratio

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1991.9648252
Author(s): M. van den Berg, Republic of South Africa, A.J. Kruger, Republic of South Africa


Land Equivalent Ratios (LER) were calculated for mixtures of Trifolium subterraneum and Lolium multiflorum in terms of dry matter production and crude protein production. This ratio denotes the yield advantage, if any, of a specific mixture against the pure stands of the different components. The mixture receiving 240 kg N ha−1 showed an advantage of 3% and 10%, respectively, for dry matter production and crude protein production. Heavy defoliation (50 mm) increased the partial LER value of the grass component and consequently the combined LER. A grass seeding rate of 10–20 kg ha−1 ensured a well‐balanced mixture. The results signify the strong competitive ability of T. subterraneum in a mixture with L. multiflorum, especially with light defoliation, low nitrogen and low grass seeding rates.

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