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“n Voorlopige evaluasie van eenjarige, wintergroen weidings met speenlammers, in die Oos‐Kaapse suurveld

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1990.9648235
Author(s): T.G. CoetzeeDepartement van Landbou‐ontwikkeling (Oos‐Kaapstreek), Republiek van Suid‐Afrika, G.R. BarnesDepartement van Landbou‐ontwikkeling (Oos‐Kaapstreek), Republiek van Suid‐Afrika, W.S.W. TrollopeAgronomie Departement, Landboufakulteit, Ciskei


A preliminary evaluation of annual, wintergreen pastures using weaned lambs in the eastern Cape sourveld. Animal production and feed availability on oats, vetch and oats/vetch pastures were evaluated under continuous grazing, at three stocking rates, using weaned lambs. The oats and oats/vetch mixture generally produced significantly more available above‐ground phytomass (AAP) than the vetch pasture. No significant differences in AAP or average daily gain (ADG) were measured between stocking rates on the different pastures. The levels of food availability and animal production obtained with the different pastures indicate that oats, vetch and an oats/vetch mixture can be used as annual, wintergreen pastures in the eastern Cape sourveld. However, the stocking rates that were implemented were too low to determine the production potential of the different pastures and an evaluation of the pastures at higher stocking rates is recommended before any recommendation on optimal stocking rates can be made.

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