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Management of the Coppice Regeneration of Ocotea bullata (Lauraceae)

Published in: South African Forestry Journal
Volume 154, issue 1, 1990 , pages: 1–6
DOI: 10.1080/00382167.1990.9629043
Author(s): W.A. LübbeSaasveld Forestry Research Centre,


The effects of protecting the coppice shoots of Ocotea bullata (Lauraceae) stumps against bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus) browsing were studied. Apart from reducing damage to coppice shoots, protection led to a decrease in the number of shoots per coppice cluster, a faster growth rate and an increased chance of stump survival. The latter is apparently brought about by an improvement of the carbohydrate balance of the stump. Stump protection by means of placing sawn-off branches around the stump in the form of a small enclosure is suggested as an alternative to mesh wire.

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