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Floristiese verskille tussen ekotope in die Potchefstroom distrik1

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1990.9648212
Author(s): AnnelieS. de BeerDepartement Landbou en Watervoorsiening, Republiek van Suid‐Afrika, G.K. TheronDepartement Plantkunde, Republiek van Suid‐Afrika, G.J. BredenkampDepartement Plantkunde, Republiek van Suid‐Afrika


Floristic differences between eeotopes in the Potchefstroom area. Eeotopes are generally used, in the Highveld Region, as a basis for the division of camps when planning a farm. The possible floristic differences which support this ecological approach, as well as the factors which could possibly cause these differences, were investigated. This study showed that eeotopes differ significantly in species composition and that they should be fenced off and managed separately. The abiotic factors which have the greatest influence in a specific ecotope are aspect, clay percentage and soil depth.

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