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Influence of phosphatic fertilization on the yield and chemical composition of grass pasture

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1989.9648189
Author(s): N.F.G. RethmanDepartment of Agriculture & Water Supply, Republic of South Africa, B.H. BeukesDepartment of Agriculture & Water Supply, Republic of South Africa


While the distribution of P fertilizer had an insignificant influence on the DM production of a grass pasture over a three‐year period, the level of both N and P was highly significant. Growth patterns were unaffected by any of the fertilizer treatments and would appear to be determined primarily by environmental and genetic factors. With respect to crude protein and phosphorous content of the herbage this was determined primarily by the level of N and P fertilization, although the distribution of P in split applications tended to improve P content in the late summer.

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