Kort mededeling

Die beheer van Amaranthus spp. en die invloed daarvan op Digitaria eriantha gedurende die vestigingsjaar

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1989.9648181
Author(s): C.S. DannhauserDepartement Landbou en Watervoorsiening, Republiek van Suid‐Afrika, AnnelieS. deBeerDepartement Landbou en Watervoorsiening, Republiek van Suid‐Afrika


The control of Amaranthus spp. and the influence thereof on Digitaria eriantha during the season of establishment. Chemical control of Amaranthus spp. in newly established Smuts finger grass (D. eriantha) was investigated. A mixture of 800 ml 2,4‐D Amine+1200 ml Atrazine per ha was applied. This treatment produced a total yield of 6,1 t/ha of which 4,6 t/ha (75,4%) consisted of Smuts finger grass. The rest were weeds. In the case of no chemical control total yield amounted to 4,5 t/ha dry matter of which only 0,7 t/ha (15,5%) was Smuts finger grass. Chemical control clearly had economic advantages.

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