Research note

In vitro regeneration of Digitaria eriantha

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1988.9648132
Author(s): M. Paula WattCSIR/WITS Photosynthetic Nitrogen Metabolism Research Unit,, C.F. CresswellCSIR/WITS Photosynthetic Nitrogen Metabolism Research Unit,


Embryogenic callus was obtained from immature regions of the leaf of Digitaria eriantha when grown in the dark on a MS medium supplemented with 1,0 or 2,0mg/dm3, 2,4‐D and 3–9 % sucrose. Plantlet regeneration occurred when the calli were transferred to MS medium containing 0,1 mg/dm3, 2,4‐D and 7–8 % sucrose, and placed under 16 hour photoperiod. The regenerated plantlets were successfully planted out into a mixture of sand and potting soil.

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